An ode to creating a business with what you have whilst working for what you want

10. November 2019

Let me start with one important truth: You will probably start your entrepreneurial journey with services that are not your longterm goal.

Actually, many people who run their businesses for a couple of years look back & realize, that their vision and business model changed over the years – sometimes even several times. The only relevant thing is, to GET STARTED!

Start with what you already can. Ask yourself what you like doing and what you’re good at? Have you been a copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager, accountant etc. in your full time job? Amazing, then start by offering that as a service!

When I first started my business 5 and a half years ago, I was purely doing content creation and translations. I was good at writing and translating, so it was easy for me to offer these services to companies.

After a while, although business was going well & clients were happy, I knew that whilst I loved the writing, I wanted to have a bigger impact – do something more meaningful.

So I started to offer more services like brand strategy for new businesses and my freelance gig became a creative agency that helped solopreneurs, small businesses & start-ups create a whole brand strategy including content, copy, press materials, storytelling. It was amazing to see businesses flourish and grow with my work.

It was at this point that I realized that whilst I loved helping people build successful businesses, I also wanted to help them develop a new way of thinking, to start looking beyond what they thought was initially possible for themselves and to start believing anything really is possible. I’d done a lot of mindset work on myself, so knew it was something I wanted to help other people with too.

Now, I am a Life & Business Coach for new entrepreneurs & people who want to redesign their lives. I have developed a holistic approach & created “The Love & Courage Project” a community & soon podcast and YouTube channel empowering more & more people to step into their authentic self & unfold their full potential!

My main passion and ultimate goal is to inspire and to motivate as many people as possible and to make them realize that life can be exactly the way they always imagined it to be.

This is how my business has developed over the years. I want you to know, that you have plenty of opportunities to change and tweak your business along the way. Don’t worry about the perfect business idea, the perfect model and about getting all the certifications before you get started – you can & will learn and grow during your journey!

Just get started now! Love & Courage!