My mission is to guide & empower you on your journey to your truest, most authentic self. To find your path, unfold your full potential & design a lifestyle you adore.

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I know to be true, that everything you want is already yours. But you have to decide, that you are worth it & that you can!

And this is where I come in...
What truly lights you up & puts a sparkle in your eyes?
Stop wishing for your desired future to show up, start designing your reality now

My bespoke 1:1 coaching is designed to meet your individual needs & will be tailored to your personal situation.

I use different techniques such as: NLP, EFT, meditations, affirmations & a combination of solution-focused, transformative life & business coaching approaches to unfold your full potential.


The root cause of a life out of alignment is a lack of clarity around what we truly want.

Have you ever felt like…

* something needs to change in your life

* but you could not say what that is

* and you can feel, that you’re meant for so much more, but what is this more – freedom, money, a business, a relationship?


I work very intuitively & during our time together you will

* get to know yourself better & unravel what you really want in life

* reconnect with the child version of yourself

* learn to love & accept yourself the way you are

* become more self-aware & self-confident

* boost your self-esteem, so you step into your power 

* design the life, relationships & business you always dreamt of

* bring mindfulness, peace, love & courage into your life 



I´ll be by your side & guide you on your journey to unfold your full potential

If you want me to be your guide & personal coach on one of the most exciting journey of your life, just fill out the form and I will get in touch with you individually. We will have an initial call or meet-up to see if we have a connection & are a good fit.

I´ll make a decision based on my intuitive feeling, your answers & your willingness to invest into your future. 

The application is non committal!

And so the adventure begins...



Navina is a great inspiration and helped me achieve my goals. I was stuck in a depressing job/ life situation with no clue what to do with my life. Now I am on my way to become an IT-professional. I feel like I can finally participate from my creativity and skills. She helped me get new insights on life and that opened up new perspectives.
Not only job-related, but for my private-life also.
Thank you
Lars K.
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