Hi, I'm Navina

I'm a coach, writer & creative entrepreneur on a mission to help you, and many more women, design a life they are absolutely in love with. I know to be true, that everything you can dream of is already yours and only one decision away.

My path to finding my purpose & fulfillment in life was bumpy, yet beautiful. The problem is, we tend to stay stuck in our lives until the pain becomes unbearable. For me, that was when I worked in an office job in Germany, allowing other people write my story & design my life.

One evening, after an exhausting day at work, I came home to my cute apartment in the city, laid down on the sofa & fell asleep right away. I dreamt of Turkey, street markets & Aladdin and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized it was not a dream, but a memory.

I remembered how I felt as a child, I could smell the spices that were sold around me & it smelled like freedom. Whilst strolling down memory lane, tears came running down my face & I knew I had to change my life radically - that was my turning point.

I do believe in deep & powerful conversations, in human connection & in the transformational power of coaching.

That is why I only offer bespoke 1:1 coaching experiences to meet your specific needs & be able to fully focus on your individual situation.

The Experience


Lars K., Private Coaching Client

Navina is a great inspiration and helped me achieve my goals. I was stuck in a depressing job/ life situation with no clue what to do with my life. Now I am on my way to become an IT-professional. I feel like I can finally participate from my creativity and skills. She helped me get new insights on life and that opened up new perspectives.
Not only job-related, but for my private-life also.
Thank you

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