Changing priorities does not equal depression

31. August 2019

Yesterday, I talked to a friend from Germany & she said she was really worried about me.
Last time I visited home, I didn’t really do much. I saw friends and family, but I wasn’t up for drinks, parties or anything like that.

She said I’ve changed and why I don’t like to have fun anymore and only working is not healthy. And now that she doesn’t see photos of me out with friends & partying, she thinks I have a depression. 
So I tried to explain to her, that yes, I did change a lot! I talk a lot about work, I prefer staying in with a book & getting up early in the mornings.

But the important part is, I’VE DECIDED to do so!
The work I’m talking about does not feel like work even.
I love to get up every single morning, sometimes at 6 am, doing some journaling, hypnosis, meditation.
I enjoy creating new content & figuring out new ways of creating future clients for my coaching business.
I can accept it is difficult to understand for many people. But setting new priorities, creating a healthier lifestyle & growing my business & income is barely a depression!


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