I’m on a journey back to the roots & to rewild my soul

8. September 2019

This means, letting go of everything that’s holding me back & doesn’t feel authentic.
I am getting to know myself again & only listen to my intuition.

I’m m on a mission to meet new, empowering people, making deep connections & exploring my roots and true calling. 
This journey just started & will never end. I want to fully live on alignment & not waste one more day with limiting beliefs.

I’m going back to my truest self…
As a coach, going back to the roots also means, questioning what’s going on in the coaching world & what coaching actually stands for, the ethics! 
I do believe in deep & powerful conversations, in human connection & in the potential of every single one of us.

I do NOT believe in coaching being misinterpreted as consulting or mentoring, in impossible promises & a world of coaching where integrity is replaced by money. 
I am new on this journey, but I know exactly what I stand for – & this is a bespoke coaching experience fully focusing on the individual!

And by the way, every coach should know well about the ethics of coaching!