I wanted to include this topic into “The Love & Courage Project” since the beginning, and yet, I only focused on self-love, nourishment, empowerment.

Many people just don’t want to talk about it & I was one of those people. Why is sex such an icky topic?

I did not grow up in a super conservative family, but still we wouldn’t speak about sex openly. My sex education happened in class and by talking to my friends & exploring myself.

Our society & sex

When first thinking about sex & sexuality, I always thought of it as something beautiful, something that adds joy to people’s lives. And now at age 32 I think about sexuality in a loving way – again.

In between, especially in my teenage years and early twenties, I was so consumed by media, that I almost feared having sex. The pressure to look a certain way, to be “sexy”, to please the partner made me feel so unworthy and took away all the excitement.

I thought, that is why nobody talks about it – it is a dirty topic and especially not a female topic!

Writing about that makes me feel super sad again. And I am here to change that for every girl and woman thinking they cannot or should not talk about their sexuality openly.

  • Sex is not dirty.
  • Sex is not a male topic.
  • Women can enjoy sex.
  • Women are not objects to serve male needs.
  • Sex is beautiful when enjoyed by both partners.
  • We need to start an open dialogue about sex – within our families, our circle of friends and especially in a relationship.

I’ve created “The Love & Courage Project” to empower women unfold their full potential and live a life they love. That includes happiness, self-love, nourishment, health, but also loving your body & embracing your sexuality!

Let’s open up the dialogue! Join my group!