The Love & Courage Project


Want to laugh as much as I do & feel as aligned & happy with your life? Then keep on reading...

I love stories, I craft them, I read them & I live for them! But some of our stories, the beliefs we have about our life and ourselves influence our lives. That is why stories are so powerful.

The issue here is, our beliefs are not only created by ourselves - we develop stories based on experiences, traumas & what family and friends tell us.
I know to be true how powerful limiting beliefs can be & nowadays I also know, that my money mindset & my self worth - both influenced by the beliefs of my family - kept me playing small, not really believing in myself & that I could do and reach absolutely anything I wanted.


It took me some calls with my coach and a lot of work to rewrite my story and my beliefs to get to where I am now. It might seem impossible for you right now, to leave the job you hate, to go all in and build a business or to follow a passion you had.

One reason of building this business & working towards more and more success was to show more women, who do not believe in themselves and their power to do and get anything they want, that it is possible! That is my mission!

And no, I am not on a path to becoming a life coach, but I want to create a tribe, an army, of empowered women who live their dream life and gain the strength to prove that anything is possible.

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