My clients are the agenda & they are the approach

4. September 2019

When I started to map out my signature offer, because I thought I needed one to be a successful coach, I was thinking about how long my 1:1 program would be, what excersises to include, which bonuses…
Some online coaches said to jot go for the common 3 months, but do something different and offer 4 months instead, the new magic numbers for prices seemed to end with a 7 & I was highly confused and nothing felt aligned.

Until I started to think about what kind of coach I’d feel drawn to. What would my dream program look like & I would always want to be seen as an individual and I’d love to have a coach who designs a program around my needs.
Also, I don’t want a whole planned out agenda waiting for me. Again, we are all unique, have unique needs & therefore need unique coaching approaches.

That is why my 1:1 signature coaching approach will always be bespoke & tailored to my clients’ needs.

Finally found a way I’m in alignment with & you know what helped? I stopped scrolling, left most Facebook groups & ONLY focused on my intuition.