On-site Single Sessions

Single Sessions


Coaching is about deep connections, about understanding & creating an atmosphere of full trust.
For me, the best way to truly build a connection, is through in person coaching sessions under the Mallorcan sun!

What started as an Online Life Coaching Business, blooms into an Online & Offline Coaching Business in 2020.
I am super excited to add on-site & in person single session exclusively to people living on the beautiful island of Mallorca!

The Details

The single coaching sessions on-site & in person are a little different than my online single sessions.
Simply because it takes a bit more time to settle in, get to know each other & to create a comfortable atmosphere compared to a Zoom call.

* The coaching session takes 90 minutes

* We will meet 30 minutes before, to create a comfortable atmosphere

* You will receive a questionnaire before, so I can prepare your tailor-made session

* We meet in a cute private office space in Palma or in the comfort of your own home, so there are no distractions & an ambience of peace & trust

After the sessions, I will send a follow-up email with an overview about what we worked on, insights & breakthroughs & additional exercises for you.
In addition, you will have one more week of access to me, for any burning questions!

Your investment: 225 $


And I will be in touch with you...