The Swish Method

6. August 2019

The Swish method, developed by Richard Bandler, is an NLP technique that is used very often. It is one of the best-known methods and, compared to anchoring, it is much faster and easier to learn. Important prerequisite for this is of course the visualization. A common misconception among many people is that they find it difficult to visualize anything. At the same time, visualization already begins with a single image in the head. Each idea can thus be called a picture. Imagine that something is happening, is already a visualization.

The Swish Method can be used to replace a negative thought pattern or behavior with a positive one. Maybe you feel unworthy or suffer from low self esteem, you want to stop biting your nails or you want to be able to acknowledge your true beauty, but everything you see in the mirror is far away from beautiful. This is where the Swish Method comes in!

Step 1: Visualize the unpleasant

At first you think of something unpleasant. This can be a bad memory, a mental state or even a fear. Here, the unpleasant has to be visualized down to the last detail. You should feel every single feeling and see, hear, smell or taste the fear. Here, all the senses are in demand, because in the end, the idea becomes more intense.

Step 2: The feeling of happiness

In the second step, you think of something pleasant. Again, it can be a nice memory or visualize a beautiful situation. You should be personally affected by this situation and feel truly happy. The pleasant must be visualized as intensively as the unpleasant one of point 1.

Step 3: Two frames

Then you take two frames in mind. The one frame is slightly smaller and less noticeable, the other slightly larger and more eye-catching. The unpleasant memories and ideas should now be put into the large frame, while the pleasant visualizations are in the small frame. Then you move the frame with the unpleasant ideas completely into the center of your own field of vision. However, the small frame with the pleasant content is still within your field of vision.

Step 4: The Swish

The fourth step is the really important one. You now “swish” the two frames. This means: Now you make the small frame much larger and visible in the field of view. The large frame, however, must be smaller and is usually even perceived as blurry. This task must be done quickly. The best way to imagine a between sound or another acoustic noise when “swishing”. Sometimes it helps to even pronounce this sound in front of you.

Step 5: Repetition

This process must be repeated until the unpleasant ideas automatically bring the pleasant memories to mind. Thus, the body is completely satisfied with a pleasant feeling.


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