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Hello, I'm Navina Donata and welcome to my small online home. I'm a writer, poet, intuitive living blogger & brand storyteller and I'm so glad you found my online space. I'd love for you to stay a while!
Make yourself a cup of coffee, cuddle up on your sofa and enjoy!

This website and blog are home to my words, thoughts and work. On my blog, I share my thoughts, tips and my own experiences on intuitive living in the Mediterranean, creativity, well-being and mental health with you. I whole-souledy believe that a more intuitive, more creative life shaped by yourself will lead to one filled with meaning.

As a writer, I aim to educate and inspire with my words, thoughts and poems.

And as a brand storyteller, I design concepts, write stories and content and offer branding consultations for heartfelt businesses and brands.

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intuitive living, style, creativity, well-being, art & my short stories are things I love to write about

with love & courage

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