resilience educator + writer

Navina is a writer, coach & the creator of "her resilient shape" - a blog & coaching approach. She takes you on an eye-opening journey to find your true identity & offers a safe space to explore yourself.

hi, i'm navina

coach by day & writer by night

I'm a resilience educator & creator of HER RESILIENT SHAPE. My mentoring and coaching approach is based on my roots of resilience: identity, creativity, well-being, connection & impact.

Built on my own healing journey, I have created the roots of resilience over the past decade and I am now offering a safe space to explore yourself, build up your resilience and self-confidence & inspiring you to tune into your truth and pursue your unique passions.

In addition to working with me in a safe private container, I offer workshops and free resources & articles to facilitate your empowerment & life.