I am in love with books & stories. Once I learned how to read, I would borrow a new book from the school library every 2 days.

Reading is pure relaxation for me, whether it is for business or for fun. I read in bed, on a plane, on the beach, in a Café… and choosing my next book always happens very intuitively. The books always tell me what I need to hear in that moment and they are the best guides.

The following 6 books were pivotal for the way I see myself, I take care of myself and I run my business.

Money – A love story

My first coach sent me this book as part of her welcome package. It was a lovely surprise and just what I needed back then. Kate Northrup empowers you to rewrite your money story into a love story. Her theoretical and practical tips helped me understand my relationship with money better and make better decisions in the future. I still get back to the book whenever I feel icky about money. Buy it here.

Big Magic

When I first watched “Eat, Pray, Love” I didn’t know much about Elizabeth Gilbert. Although I usually prefer to read the book instead of watching the movie, that time, I did it the other way round & became a fan right away. One day, my amazing friend Chloe lend me her copy of “Big Magic” and it opened my eyes. After reading, I felt so empowered to follow my creative flow and I broke through the limiting belief I wasn’t made for a creative life. If you want to lead a creative life & still feel like you can’t, get the book here.

The Fire Starter Sessions

To be honest, whenever I fall in love with an author or thought-leader, I tend to buy several books at once. That happened to me when I came across Danielle LaPorte. This book helped me map out my coaching business idea & empowered me to do things my way. After being insecure about how to combine the coaching business and the creative agency, I just decided to split them into two separate businesses. Get the book here. (This is an affiliate link).

Woman Code

One part of “The Love & Courage Project” is about nourishing the mind in order to improve your health and mindset. I got inspired to include it into my project, as I came to realize how reading the right stuff, eating healthily and not allowing negativity into my life. While reading this amazing book by Alisa Vitti, I was able to see the potential of my approach, especially for women, and it inspired me to go much deeper when it comes to nourishing our female minds well. Must read – get it here.

Red Moon

Now, this one is a very recent discovery of mine and I am currently reading it. But I can say, it already changed the way I do business. The author, Miranda Gray, combines storytelling, ancient tales with tools and methods to help women interact with their menstrual cycles. She approaches the taboo topic with sensitivity & heart and inspired me to listen to my body & using my energies. The book spoke to me so deeply, as my mission is to empower women to design their lives, build their businesses & live authentically – that includes acknowledging & respecting their menstrual cycle. Buy the book here.

Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit

Over the years I collected countless ideas for books, guides and even movie scripts. I bought courses to learn how to write better scripts, but also to improve my copywriting skills, because I want to give my clients the best work. Steven Pressfield made me overthink all I’ve learned & had me create a completely new approach to writing. It changed the way I create copy & content for myself and my clients and I in my business coaching program I teach this very new approach as well. A must read for everyone who writes. Get it here.