a poem just for you

Bespoke poems written & designed by yours truly

“The creative soul is always calling for more. Never quiet. Never satisfied.”

And for as long as I can remember I was in love with stories – but that passion came from a deeper curiosity about human potential & creativity.
I am also passionate about a multitude of creative things: writing, movie making, natural history, playing the violin, jazz dancing.There are so many ways to express myself & I love exploring new things that encourage me to be creative. As much as I enjoy learning new skills just for myself, I love to create new things for the people around me – and by around me, I mean, every human being in this world!That’s how this new idea came to life…



  • If you’d like to receive a personal poem from me, simply tell me about your story or a certain topic & I will write a little poem for you – with a beautiful design as a background.
  • Once your poem is finished, I will send you an email with the poem – one pdf with the poem itself and one picture with the poem & background.
  • Every week I will randomly choose people, who will receive a poem from me.
  • I can write your poem in German or English.
  • Interested? Then send an email to: hello@navinabaur.com