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Hi, I am navina

But you probably already know my name, as it is also the name of this design studio. I've been in business for 7 years now and after a few approaches to build a personal brand, I decided to let my designs speak for myself with Studio Navina.

Yet, since this boutique design studio holds my name and I am the person behind every piece of visual or verbal design and my coaching, I decided to infuse my new venture with more personality.

I believe, to create a timeless brand, it needs to tell the story of the person (or people) behind it. So I figured, I will step into the spotlight again and share my own story, my personal values and the approach to my work with you.

This is the most magical moment for me when I work with clients - the sweet minute when an idea turns into a visual and verbal design and into a living, timeless brand. And I enjoy every step of the process so much - whether we started with a Clarity Coaching Session, or the visual and verbal designs right away.













It all started on a souk in Turkey in the summer of 1993...

I always love to be on holiday. Since I was a little girl, my Mama would take me on the most amazing journeys and one summer, I was 6 years old, we traveled to Turkey.

One day, we visited a souk and there I was, standing in the crowds of people, hearing the laughter and conversations in a foreign language, people selling, people buying - the colors of the fine fabrics, the smell of the delicious spices in the air.

I was so excited, I almost expected Aladdin to jump around the corner and steal a loaf of bread, and suddenly, the feeling of "a whole new world", a place where nobody tells me no and all my dreams can come true, came up.

In that very moment, I knew I wanted to travel. I knew I never wanted an office job like my Mama had and I simply wanted to be free and create my own life - and that's how it all started.


In 2014 I finally made my dream come true - I started to work as a freelance writer and translator for my two native languages German and English. It did not work out as intended and so I went back into the corporate world for one year.

Eventually, in 2016 I took all the courage I had, moved onto a Mediterranean island and decided that creating my own work was the only option.

With time, my brand and business evolved and changed a lot. I always loved writing, but there are so many more passions inside of me. I decided to become a certified life & success coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, because this work fascinates me so much and I, myself, only got to where I am now with coaches by my side.

And just recently, a friend of me mentioned my eye for design and suggested I should think about brand design. It seemed ridiculous to me at first - I am a talented writer and violin player, but with professional artists in the family, I always thought my drawing skills were mediocre if not bad. A limiting belief that turned out not to be true!

I asked my uncle to teach me the software, my aunt for tips & tricks around drawing and I am loving it! So much, that I even opened THE SHOP on my website and start selling prints of my photography and illustrations.

Whilst I spent the past 5 years creating verbal designs for clients, the visual part was a secret passion of mine, hidden underneath limiting beliefs and patterns.


Thoughts on Branding

by Seth Godin

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”


Peter Wood|Sapphire Properties

Navina is inspirational to work with. Her passion for storytelling and branding our company & services shone through in every interaction we had with her and that empowered us to think about how a great image can deliver real positive returns. From the first meeting, she was approachable, professional and clearly knew her stuff. She delivered exactly what we asked for and more by taking the initiative by researching in depth our company and getting to know exactly what we needed, even if we didn’t realise it. It’s this kind of value-added service that we were very impressed by. Her experience in the Real Estate market made it effortless to explain certain styles and strategies we had in mind. We now actively recommend her services to everyone who asks & to every agent we collaborate within our industry.


Claudia Teichert|Pen & Pages

I work with Navina for over a year now. She supports me with content creation for my corporate blog and social media channels. Her blog articles are always professional, well researched and give a lot of value to my readers. There wasn’t any topic yet she couldn’t write about. I am glad to have her supporting my brand. She keeps herself up to date with social media and marketing trends and always has good advice.


Alexandra Brück | Germany

Navina accompanied me through a very intensive phase of my startup time. I've always felt that I have to change something in my professional life and finally wanted to venture into (partial) independence. The first step is mostly the heaviest and I was very lucky to have Navina right by my side. Her coaching showed me completely new ways that I would not have gone before in this form. She helped me to organize myself and my thoughts and became with each coaching session my path clearer and my goals clearer. After I gained clarity around my services and brand, we created a concept and Navina delivered outstanding designs underlining my new brand identity. I am very grateful that our ways are hit.


Beatriz Arias|Floraqueen

Navina is a reliable and accurate designer. She always delivers high-quality work on time. Furthermore, working with her is easy, she adapts to any programs or tools, formats and requirements. I would definitely recommend her for any project!



I've been struggling to break negative patterns I carried with me for quite a while and Navina came as an angel to help me understand that it was my perception and not my reality nor my pattern and I'm so happy I have been able to get past it. Besides, she has shown me the way how to develop new positive pattterns. She's been my guide on the path to understanding myself better and my belief systems and she has taught me how easy it is to heal in a holistic way by approaching day to day activities with the EFT approach. Last but not least Navina helped me to understand and reaffirm my life's purpose and made me realize I am heading in the right direction.



Navina is a great inspiration and she helped me achieve my goals. I was stuck in a depressing job/life situation with no clue how to change it. Now I am on my way to becoming an IT-professional. I feel like I can finally use my skills and creativity at work. She helped me get new insights on life and that opened up new perspectives. Not only job related, but for my private life also. Thank you!



When I first booked a call with Navina I lacked self-esteem and self-trust to change the direction of my life. With a dream and a vague idea of what I wanted my life to look like, I met Navina. During our time together, she helped me uncover limiting beliefs and patterns and gain clarity in life. I am now crystal clear around my vision, how to build and maintain a lifestyle that supports me in every way possible and I am also confident enough to share my whole self with the world.

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