my story

I know to be true, that we should be proud of everything we are & only when we share our whole selves with the world, we can be in alignment & truly thrive!

But what if we forgot about our true nature & who we really are?

This is my story of searching, remembering & blossoming & it starts with a movie...

To be free. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in the world.

- Genie from the movie 'Aladdin'

Many years ago, on a souk in Turkey...

It was the summer of '93 & I found myself on a busy souk in Turkey, surrounded by people speaking in an unknown language & wildly gesticulating. I looked around & saw colorful fabrics being handed around, a woman offering spices in every color I have ever seen & there was a man playing the flute in the midst of everything.

I was 6 years old & as the shy girl that I was, I should've been worried about having lost my Mama, but I didn't. I will never forget the adrenaline rushing through my body, the sweet feeling of freedom & excitement to explore something completely new & unknown - and also half-expecting to see Aladdin jump around the corner of the bread stand, stealing a loaf.

From that very moment I knew, I wanted to explore the world, study cultures & dive into the stories our wonderful world has to tell.

Life is not a movie & following your dreams is not as easy - or is it?

That was my dream, but it took some time for me to make that dream come true.

In 2013 my life was very different to what I had imagined it to be - where did the excitement & lust for life go?
So I decided to take a time out in Mallorca, not knowing this decision would change my life forever.

All I knew was, I did not want that lifestyle anymore, I wanted to feel the excitement again that I felt on the souk in Turkey. I just deeply believed life had to offer more and I wanted more!

Finally, in 2014, I found the courage to leave Germany behind & unplug myself for a while. I traveled to Mallorca with the goal to remember my true nature & find a way to design the freedom lifestyle I've always dreamed of.
I was open to possibilities and so they showed up.

That's how my creative agency came to life and it was also the beginning of my journey to becoming a resilience educator - now, I am a coach by day & writer by night!

More about me.

Some of my favorite topics to educate on are building resilience and changing your subconscious beliefs so you can create a fulfilling life. My own experiences in life have inspired my five roots of resilience and in combination with the tools of NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy & T.I.M.E. techniques, I help my clients reach their big dreams.

My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon.

- Mizuta Masahide


As a resilience educator and coach, I offer private single sessions, 3-month coaching programs and courses. Every container is tailored to your unique needs.