My story

Intuitive Empowerment Coach for Creative Souls. Women's Love & Courage Coach

My name is Navina Donata & I help you remember your true nature.

I know to be true, that beyond a life filled with limiting beliefs & societal expectations, there is a life full of creativity, joy & opportunities.

The creative soul is always calling for more. Never quiet. Never satisfied.

- Me

What lights you up & puts a sparkle in your eyes?

A few years ago, I used to allow other people to design my life, until everything changed...

Born in Germany, to a German mother and an American father, I got introduced to traveling at a very early age and I loved it!

One of my first memories is from Turkey. I just watched the movie Aladdin and was fascinated by the story from the first second, and then 6 year old me found herself on a street market in Istanbul. It was very busy and I immediately had the feeling I was inside the movie - how exciting!

From that point on I was addicted to traveling, exploring new cultures and collecting stories about humanity and our world.

That was my dream, but it took some time for me to make that dream come true.
First, I did what you do in order to fit in and lead a normal life: I studied in Germany, doing internships with the goal to end up in a big company with a good reputation. There was no other choice - for some years, I allowed other people to create my story and design my life.

In 2013 my German life was very different to what I had imagined it to be, so I decided to take a time out in Mallorca, not knowing this decision would change my life forever.

All I knew was, I did not want that lifestyle anymore, I wanted to feel the excitement again that I felt on the street market in Turkey. I just deeply believed life has to offer more and I wanted more!

Finally, in 2014, the idea was to unplug myself for a while to find my purpose, but I found my first client!


I was open to possibilities and so they showed up.

That's how my creative agency came to life and that is also the beginning of my journey to becoming an Empowerment Coach.

Within the 5 years of running a creative agency, I went through many ups and downs. But the most important gift my agency gave me was FREEDOM. I got to choose where I wanted to live, who I wanted to work with and for me, that was pure magic. Nobody ever believed I could, but I proved them wrong.

More about me.

For as long as I can remember I was in love with stories - but that passion came from a deeper curiosity about human potential & creativity.
I was also passionate about a multitude of creative things: writing, movie making, natural history, playing the violin, jazz dancing.

I knew I would never fit into one box, but that is who I am!

I believe fitting in one box is overrated. You can be proud of your whole self & share it with the world. Only then you can fully thrive!

- Me

As a highly creative and multi-passionate soul, I always wanted to do & be so many things at once - of course that only leaves you burnt out - I had to learn the hard way.
Some people told me I was not multi-passionate, but indecisive and that was the biggest block I had to overcome to create a successful business.

But what I realized very quickly was:

* I do not have to fit into one box!

I know to be true, that you can be multi-passionate and put your whole self on the table and still be very successful. The only thing I had to master was focus - I could do anything, just not everything at the same time.

So first, I focused first on building my copywriting business, getting a good reputation and now it is basically running itself with client inquiries through recommendations. That was what I knew I could do and also the business that gave me freedom in the first place.

But whilst enjoying the perfect combination of doing what I love and having freedom, I realized copywriting was not the only thing I was meant to do. Again, my multi-passionate soul called & it was loud!

After hiring my first coach, I knew exactly what the missing piece was. I wanted to do more than helping businesses with their brand story & copy. Although I adore writing and creating brand story concepts, that was not my soul´s purpose.

I wanted to empower more women to take responsibility for their lives and design a new reality for them. Because I knew, if I could do it, anyone can do it, too.

As I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I booked a life coaching course, became a certified life & solution-focused coach & also an NLP practitioner. Now I live my true purpose and dream life by helping creative women like you overcome their obstacles, find out what it is they truly desire and then build a life around their dreams.

Empowering women to blossom.

This business represents my path of acting outside the box and following a dream. But my life was not always like that, I know the feeling of being stuck in an unfulfilling 9-5, the struggles of finding the answers all by yourself.
With my coaching I want to empower more women to find their soul´s purpose & design a new life!

A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants.

- Coco Chanel

The Experience


Lars K.

Navina is a great inspiration and helped me achieve my goals. I was stuck in a depressing job/ life situation with no clue what to do with my life. Now I am on my way to become an IT-professional. I feel like I can finally participate from my creativity and skills. She helped me get new insights on life and that opened up new perspectives.
Not only job-related, but for my private-life also.
Thank you


The Experience


Vihanga B.

I've been struggling to break negative patterns I carried with me for quite a while and Navina came as an angel to help me understand that it was my perception and not my reality nor my pattern and I'm so happy I have been able to get past it. Besides, she has shown me the way how to develop new positive patterns.

She´s been my guide on the path to understanding myself better & my belief systems and she has taught me how easy it is to heal in a holistic way by approaching day to day activities with the EFT approach.

Last but not the least Navina helped me to understand and reaffirm my life's purpose and made me realise I am heading in the right direction.


The Experience


Lena T.

When I first booked a call with Navina, I had no idea where I was going in my life.
I had little clarity, but also no idea how to find out, what it is, that I expect from my life.

In just 60 minutes, she helped me recognize limiting beliefs and gain clarity around what I wanted.

After the call I decided to book her 3-month coaching right away.


The Experience


Eveline H.

Thank you, Navina, for giving me so much clarity around my new business and how I can implement my passions into it.

Her ability to ask the right \\\"uncomfortable\\\" questions helped me realize where I and my limiting beliefs stand in my own way. 


The Experience


Christina Waschkies, Happy Mind Magazine

Navina supports my blog Happy Mind Magazine by writing articles about Life Design, leading interviews with affiliates and taking care of the whole content management.

In addition, Navina helps me behind the scenes at Spiritual Business School. I'm so glad I met her, because she's a real treasure.


The Experience


Peter Wood, Sapphire Properties

Navina is inspirational to work with. Her passion for storytelling and branding our company & services shone through in every interaction we had with her and that empowered us to think about how a great image can deliver real positive returns.

From the first meeting, she was approachable, professional and clearly knew her stuff. She delivered exactly what we asked for and more by taking the initiative by researching in depth our company and getting to know exactly what we needed, even if we didn’t realise it.

It’s this kind of value-added service that we were very impressed by. Her experience in the Real Estate market made it effortless to explain certain styles and strategies we had in mind. We now actively recommend her services to everyone who asks & to every agent we collaborate within our industry.