Connecting back to my body with a detox – & my most favourite smoothie recipe

Remembering your true nature & beauty is the first step into a life full of love & alignment.

The journey to true self love can be a long one & it is never done once and for all. Reinventing yourself is part of your growth & development as a whole.

As a multi passionate & creative soul, I experience the feeling of disconnection quite often. My mind is never quiet and I have so many ideas for new things I want to create – sometimes I overwhelm myself and for the longest time, I thought I had to ignore that part of me – I had to find the ONE THING I wanted to do.

I never found the ONE THING and that is okay. I have learned to separate my passions into two businesses & I also found a way to implement my creativity within these two – creating what I want, always in alignment.

Still, whenever ideas come rushing in and I spend hours writing, mapping out book ideas & courses and on top of that, serving my clients, I am only in my head and I start to ignore my physical health.

Why staying connected to our bodies is so important

Losing connection to our bodies especially happens, when we have had a difficult history with them. I certainly did.

One of my limiting beliefs was around me being mixed race & I struggled with my beauty – I compared myself to my all white friends and never felt pretty enough. It continued to never feeling enough in other areas of my life & a very low self esteem.

It was easier to simply disconnect from my body completely & not treat it well. By eating too much, or too little.

I have rewritten that limiting belief now & I can see my beauty & love myself. But still, the first thing I ignore when I have a busy schedule, is still my body. Luckily, our bodies are smart & mine sends me warning signs early enough, so I take a step back from my plans & creations and focus on my health again.

For me, the best thing to do, is a detox in the form of a bowel cleanse that I do twice a year. It consists of shakes with psyllium & zeolite and a sugar-free, almost vegan diet I stick to for 8 weeks at a time.

It feels like a spring clean for my bowel, I have more energy to focus on my work & I take care of my body & health. Experiencing the connection of my body & soul again, makes me fall in love with my physical being & my whole self again – just imagine how that feeling of love influences my work!

My most favourite smoothie

I am honest with you, I do miss pasta when detoxing – a lot! But I also know that my taste buds just need to be distracted with delicious fresh fruits & veggies.

Now, I found my healthy pasta equivalent in a smoothie and I’m gonna share the easy recipe with you now.

Put half an avocado, half a banana, a handful of spinach and half a pear into a blender. Pour one glass of water on top of it & blend until creamy. And now, you can enjoy your drink!

It is not only tasty, but also a very easy, healthy & fast breakfast or snack in between.