the verbal textures

Bespoke written designs for brands

For the visionary & the dream chaser

Over the past 6 years I gained experience as a creative consultant & verbal designer in different industries. I worked in fashion PR, for fashion & lifestyle magazines, in an advertising company & also in the tourism & real estate industry.

One thing I learned very early was:

“There is absolutely no magic formula for creating perfect copy or content!”

The magic behind every verbal design is intuitive alignment with your vision & mission.

My designs made of words are for passionate brands, for dream chasers & intuitive visionaries. And because every brand is unique, my designs are personalized & bespoke.

Together we start from scratch, create the first concept & finish with a verbal design that speaks to the soul of your audience & delivers your message in an aligned & natural manner!

verbal design calls

My verbal design calls focus on your copy, content and brand voice. Together, we will have a look at your website copy, content strategy and the most important foundation - your brand story. Before our call, I will analyze your verbal designs & create some initial ideas. During our call, I will give you industry-related & tailor-made recommendations on how you can improve your verbal designs.

brand story design

Ever since the existence of humankind, we share our experiences & knowledge through stories. Even nowadays nothing has changed in terms of storytelling - we still connect through stories. I help you uncover your true story & design a truly powerful & shareable brand story, so you never have to worry about your competition again. Because every vision, every mission & every story is unique.

content design

From brand story to website copy & blog posts, to marketing materials & newsletters, I will craft engaging content based on your brand and unique needs. You tell me what you want to say, I create your brand voice & style and put it into beautiful & bespoke verbal designs. I will also help building a powerful content strategy, so you always know how & when to share your stories with the world.

book design

Besides content creation for businesses from different industries, I also offer a ghostwriting & editing service in German and English. I already wrote books on business consulting & financial consulting for my clients & edited various non-fiction books tackling different topics & niches. As I write for different industries, simply let me know about your topic, and I'll see how I can help!


My different verbal design service vary depending on your needs. The most transparent and easy way of pricing my services are hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Hourly Rate

Most suitable for verbal design calls or projects that take less than 8 hours.


Daily Rates

Most suitable for any service or a combination of service, if you want to work with me only a few days per month or less than a week.


Weekly Package

Most suitable if you're looking for a longterm collaboration, but do not want to commit to the monthly package already. You can include a combination of all the verbal design services.


Monthly Package

Most suitable for a month-long project or even longterm collaborations. Like with the weekly package, you can include a combination of all the verbal design services.

This package needs some planning ahead, as I will fully focus on you during our month together.



Tell me about you & your brand...

The Experience


Peter Wood, Sapphire Properties

Navina is inspirational to work with. Her passion for storytelling and branding our company & services shone through in every interaction we had with her and that empowered us to think about how a great image can deliver real positive returns.

From the first meeting, she was approachable, professional and clearly knew her stuff. She delivered exactly what we asked for and more by taking the initiative by researching in depth our company and getting to know exactly what we needed, even if we didn’t realise it.

It’s this kind of value-added service that we were very impressed by. Her experience in the Real Estate market made it effortless to explain certain styles and strategies we had in mind. We now actively recommend her services to everyone who asks & to every agent we collaborate within our industry.

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The Experience


Anna Eriksson, Buy a Home

We have worked with Navina and translations for some years now and she always deliver.
Very quick and correct.
And she is also a wonderful person to work with.
We are very pleased with her and her work.

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The Experience


Claudia Teichert, Pen & Pages

I work with Navina for over a year now. She supports me with content creation for my corporate blog and social media channels. Her blog articles are always professional, well researched and give a lot of value to my readers. There wasn’t any topic yet she couldn’t write about. I am glad to have her supporting my brand. She keeps herself up to date with social media and marketing trends and always has good advices.

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The Experience


Markus Lintner, MecFly & Pegasus

I have been working with Navina for almost a year now and have never regretted my decision. She oversees the entire social media activity of my two companies and

After getting to know each other and setting out our thoughts and goals, Navina always worked independently and conscientiously. She writes beautiful texts, also searches for the right photos and then posts on all channels at regular intervals.

If necessary, we will discuss and clarify the next steps. The whole thing works in a simple, uncomplicated and efficient way. This leaves me more time for my business and my life. Win win!

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The Experience


Janine Klein, Porta Holiday

Navina has been working with us for more than a year and supported us with her writing skills on an important web project.

She made a significant contribution to the success of our company in the relaunch as a copywriter. She has carried out all the tasks assigned to her with great care and to my complete satisfaction. I would like to thank Navina again!

I got to know her as an extremely reliable, competent and committed person during our cooperation. In addition to her flawless subject-specific competencies, she is characterized by her reliability, creativity and teamwork.

Due to my experience with Navina, I can highly recommend her for projects in the field of website creation and the creation of high-quality texts in German / English.

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The Experience


Christina Waschkies, Happy Mind Magazine & Spiritual Business School

Navina supports my blog Happy Mind Magazine by writing articles about Life Design, leading interviews with affiliates and taking care of the whole content management.

In addition, Navina helps me behind the scenes at Spiritual Business School. I'm so glad I met her, because she's a real treasure.

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