Extra: A digital museum tour & my awakened desire for more art

30. January 2021

Last Thursday evening, I finally visited a museum again – sadly not in person, but digitally. The NRW Forum in Düsseldorf organized a digital tour through their current exhibition #cute – islands of bliss?.

I was excited the whole day, preparing a snack, buying a good, ecological rosé wine from my region on the island and getting dressed up – just like I would have, if I had been there in person. 

Of course, the drive to the museum, the welcome wine, the lights and people around me were missing and so was the obligatory dinner afterwards, but still, I got to visit an exhibition again and it was everything!

#cute – islands of bliss?

The focus was on social media, the hype of cuteness and how we forget the other side of the coin – a socially critical, intermedial exhibition. It was colorful, thoughtful, interesting and made me think about my own consumer behavior – online and offline.

About one hour, the guide led us through different rooms, explaining each piece, giving enough background information and even space for us to ask questions – it was an evening of rethinking social media and being shocked by a few absolutely perverse pieces. 

After the tour, we had dinner – even though my friends were missing, the usual clique for museum visits back home – it was great to eat delicious food while discussing what we just saw. And in that moment, when my belly was filled with pasta and wine and the conversations were deep, I decided I want more of that – lockdown or not.

Also, living on Mallorca has many, many benefits, but when it comes to the arts and museum, it simply cannot keep up with my home city. I am missing exhibitions and different kinds of museums for a long time now, and I just realized it last Thursday.

The desire for more

Decided and done. For the last two days, I am browsing the internet for more digital museum tours in German and English and I decided, if I am craving more art in my life again, maybe some of you are, too – so why not share my findings with you directly?

Here comes a list of digital museum tours I plan on visiting – be inspired and enjoy some art and culture from the comfort of your home:

Tours & talks I will join in February

For all German speakers, who would like to see #cute – islands of bliss? as well – click here!

Enjoy the arts. Love you, n.