Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the mindset & self-love talk online & offline?

How often have you heard, that you simply have to change your mindset & fall in love with yourself in order to change your life?

Alright, you thought. I am ready… 

But wait, how am I gonna do that?

Many people tell you what you do wrong & what you should do instead, but only a few people guide you through the whole process!

This is why I am inviting you on a 21 day journaling journey with me!


The details

This 21 day self-love & mindset journaling course will be filled with tools, exercises & journaling prompts around the topics of:

self-love, money mindset, limiting beliefs, clarity, purpose, self-doubt, anxiety, finding fulfillment, positivity

What you’ll get

  • You’ll receive a daily email with a new journaling prompt
  • Tools & exercises accompanying each journaling topic
  • Words & thoughts around the topics with inspirational stories, tips & tricks
  • By the end of the course, you will have created a new daily journaling routine, have different tools & exercises in place to write through any blockage & a stronger sense of self-confidence & mindset!

What you’ll learn

  • Breaking free from limiting beliefs
  • Gaining more confidence & start loving yourself (really)
  • Stopping the negative cycle of comparing yourself to others all day long
  • Learning to start creating from your heart whilst being detached from the outcome
  • Living & creating from your heart instead of your ego
  • Trusting your inner guide & your intuition
  • Making decisions NOT based on fear
  • Stepping into an abundance mindset by working through your money blocks
  • Creating a more fulfilled & happy life!

You can join at any time, as this is an ongoing offer!

Your investment: 21 €

Journal to Blossom