Women's Love & Courage Coach

Empowerment Coaching for creative women & yet so much more...

For a long time, I thought there was no other possibility for me than following the rules of society.

Coming from a middle class family, that meant to get good grades, find a secure & well-paid job, have my own family, a house and work until I retire at the age of 65.

When I left high school one year early, I heard so many people tell me, I would destroy my future!
That was the first of many more steps following, I did not follow the rules anymore & I understand it confused people.

In fact, that particular year gave me time to remember my true nature, get back into alignment and find out, what I really wanted.

Of course, that was not the end of my journey to following my heart. It took many more years, many more experiences, jobs & travels until I learned how to break free from limiting beliefs & be confident enough to simply do what my heart tells me.

But it was a beginning. A beginning that taught me so much about the people around me, about myself & how wonderful life can be, when you are unapologetically you.

Today, I am far from the destroyed future, I even think my life would be a lot less amazing & fun if I had stayed in school and kept doing what others said was best for me.

No matter how impossible & scary your dream might look like, it one takes one courageous first step to a life filled with possibilities.

That is my why & my vision behind my life coaching approach as a "Women's Love & Courage Coach". I know how difficult it can be, especially as a creative soul, to find a fulfilling way to live your life.

Quite often, it can feel like the world is not made for you, but let me tell you, that you are made for the world!
This world needs creativity, more people who truly follow their dreams and speak about their lives and careers with sparks in their eyes!

If I know one thing for sure, it is that there is a wonderful, free & creative life waiting for you, beyond limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns & societal expectations!

What's more behind the Love & Courage Coaching?

Empowering Women

My approach as a Love & Courage Coach focuses on empowering creative women to help them explore their full potential & create a life of their dreams.

At the same time, I am here to empower young girls showing them their potential so they grow into strong, loving & confident women. My big vision for the future is to create a "Love & Courage" movement to bring more awareness to the societal stigmas and limiting beliefs many women face in their childhood and early years.

My own journey to becoming the woman I am now, was bumpy and certainly not easy. Past experiences paired with limiting beliefs about ourselves and our worth can make it seem impossible to follow our dreams.

And I would have never made it all on my own. Despite negative voices and doubts around me, I had my mother, who always encouraged me to believe in myself and my big dreams! My Mama and the work with a coach paved the way for my businesses and my life as it is now.

This project is so important to me, because I want to share my story with every woman who has to hear it! Every woman, who needs to hear, that she can create a whole new life for herself, despite past stigmas and obstacles.

My approach of female empowerment focuses on women wanting to heal, break free from the stigmas & beliefs and need a guide, who knows from her own experience, that success, living your dream life is possible - no matter what!