& my values

I do believe transparency, trust and communication are the foundations for every professional collaboration.

That means, I am completely transparent with my process, my pricing and every step of the journey. And I encourage my clients to check in with themselves before making an investment and see, if they feel like I am the right choice!




my three core values to ensure a seamless and enjoyable process.


my philosophy of transparency, trust and communication is based on the values of love, kindness and respect.⁣
i am here to support female founders on their unique journey of growing an intuitive and timeless brand!⁣

i believe that showing up with love, kindness and respect towards myself, towards the people and villages around me and towards our planet will make this world a better place.⁣

my values and philosophy translate into everything i do. From the first email a client receives, over the design process, to the finishing touches and even further...⁣

...with every new client i donate to charities, local and worldwide, saving our planet and the people living on it.⁣

Studio Navina was founded with the idea to combine a talent and eye for design, a passion for coaching and a dream to help female founders find their intuitive and timeless brand identity and bring it to life!