her resilient shape

by navina

creativity 2. December 2020

The labyrinth – part one

I open my eyes. My heart is beating fast in my chest, I can almost feel it. Mama was right, she told me to unpack my beloved jeans and instead choose shorts: “It will be very warm in Turkey!”  ...

identity 1. December 2020

How to explore your true identity & start living by it

Most people follow the rules of the collective. They design their lives around what is expected from them and then try to do everything right. Get the right education, the right grades, the right job...

well-being 24. November 2020

The myth of self-love & what it really means to love yourself

The concept of self-love is nothing new, still, we cannot scroll through social media without coming across at least one inspirational quote on how to love yourself more. But a lot of what is writ...

well-being 22. March 2020

The hidden potential of the Corona crisis

Thoughts about the current situation & the potential it holds for humanity, Mother Earth & our personal growth The Corona virus is spreading over the world & some countries declared th...

well-being 12. February 2020

Connecting back to my body with a detox – & my most favourite smoothie recipe

Remembering your true nature & beauty is the first step into a life full of love & alignment. The journey to true self love can be a long one & it is never done once and for all. Reinv...

identity 31. January 2020

Paradoxes of solitude or How I uncovered the root of my limiting belief system in Hamburg

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy a seminar about German literature in Hamburg. As a book lover & writer by night, I loved every single moment. We spoke about paradoxes of solitude in lit...