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Visual Brand Identity


Time Frame: 5 - 6 Weeks

My passion is to design timeless, intuitive brand identities. Whether you are just starting out, or you are looking for a rebrand, this package provides you with all the materials you need to communicate your unforgettable brand - now and forever.

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo



Brand Patterns
Custom Color Palette

Font Curation


Brand Collateral


Brand Values

Brand Goals

Brand Personality

Competitor Analysis

Brand Tone

Brand Strategy

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Verbal Brand Identity


Brand Story

Brand Tone

List of Words



Brand Values

Brand Goals

Brand Personality

Competitor Analysis

Brand Tone

Brand Strategy

Time Frame: 2 - 3 Weeks

The linguist Roland Barthes found that fashion was a construct made by coupling photography with the written word - without the verbal design we would only see a photo of a mannequin wearing clothes. The written language, or as I prefer, the verbal design, is what turns a piece of fabric into fashion.

Inspired by his work, I have created this service. This special package is for you, if you have the visuals, like the logo, illustrations, colors and fonts already in place, but something is still missing to turn your brand from a piece of fabric into fashion.

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Social Media Design


Time Frame: ongoing

Timeless brand identities want & need to be shared with the world. And the best place to build a strong brand, find your audience and sell your unique offers in a smooth and gentle way, is social media.

With years of experience in social media management, content creation and community management, I do offer a holistic social media design package as an ongoing, longterm offer.

Social Media Management

Content Creation & Management

Community Management

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn




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During the call we will discuss everything in detail. Need only a certain service or a tailor-made combination of services? I will find the perfect solution.


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When I created the perfect custom-made package for you, I will send over the invoice. After payment, we start working together!

I also offer payment plans for bigger investments.

the detailed process

A different approach

The pricing strategy

Based on my values trust, transparency & communication

Here at Studio Navina, I have decided to create a bit of a different pricing strategy. With my values of trust, transparency and communication in mind, I put a lot of thought into how such a strategy could possibly look like and came up with one, that truly focuses on my clients.

Every proposal is value-based, taking a few things into consideration, such as the size of your business and the estimated ROI of the project.

Perpetuating a human touch throughout the process is my mission and it starts with a transparent and fair pricing strategy!


I value transparency, trust and communication. These are the foundations of a seamless and successful collaboration and work process.

Read more about what I stand for and what I expect from my clients in my manifesto.