The labyrinth – part two

16. December 2020

After just a few steps, doubts arise. The path seems endless, it must’ve been the wrong direction. I should have observed my surrounding more and then make a decision. What was I thinking?

I turn around and walk back. But I cannot seem to find the small gap in between the hedges, the one I just jumped through, everything seems darker and colder, and before I realize what is happening, I find myself in a thick fog – I can’t even see my own hands right in front of me.

From afar, I hear a woman scream and I just want to run away, but I can’t. The chance is too high, I will run into a hedge and fall victim to the snakes. And then, a different thought comes up: I heard someone scream! I am not alone in here! A feeling of relief combined with horror, imagining why the woman was screaming, and why I can’t hear her anymore.

The fear is overwhelming me. I am paralyzed for a few moments, not able to move or think clearly. I still can’t see anything, but I know, I have to move…

Slowly I turn a bit to the left, until I face the direction I believe I came from – I still can’t see anything, but I can feel it is right. I take the first step, then the second and third. After every step I wait for a bit to listen closely to the sounds of the snakes – nothing. I keep on walking and see the fog clearing up – I can see again. 

The fog is gone and I find myself on the path, only illuminated by the full moon. I keep on walking, the path still seems to be endless, no turns, no crossroads, but I know I can trust my inner voice and right now, it tells me, I am not there yet, but I am on the right way. 

A murmur grabs my attention, it sounds like a bunch of people discussing an important topic and I remember the screaming woman – I am really not alone in here! What is this place? 

To my right, I see a gap in between the hedges. Looking through the gap, I see where the murmur is coming from – three men and one woman in suits. 

One is staring at his computer, he seems to be hypnotized by the screen. He is too tall for the chair and desk, next to him, a cup with coffee and a piece of cake, barely touched. The woman screams into her phone, she is stressed, her eyes widened. The two other men standing in a corner, laughing and gossiping. What am I looking at? 

They don’t seem to notice me, it feels like we are in different worlds – and maybe that is the secret of the labyrinth. I notice warmth on my skin, the sun is rising slowly over the hedgerows. I turn around and leave this bizarre scene. The hedgerows, simple hedgerows and no hissing snakes in sight. A sudden wave of fatigue drags me to the ground and I give in. The hedges are safe to lean on and the rays of the sun make a warming blanket – I close my eyes and relax for the first time.

Where I am, I still don’t know. But I am not alone in here, although the people I heard and saw seem to be far away in a different reality. I open my eyes widely! A thought crosses my mind: No snakes, no danger – why don’t they simply jump through the gap? I did it, despite the snakes and I am alive. I’m shivering and feel goose bumps on my arms as a second thought comes up: What if they don’t even see the gap?

I lay down, too tired to proceed or to think about the secret of the labyrinth any further and close my eyes. A short nap is just what I need now.