the re-designing concept

For the creative soul & vivid dreamer

Bespoke 4-month support to unfold your creative potential

I see you! Indulging in daydreams, leafing through magazines & imagining a different life.

This quiet voice inside of you tries to grab your attention more & more every day. It is begging you to listen, but you kind of wonder why  - your life is good already! There is absolutely nothing you could complain about - or could you?

⋗Maybe your life is good, but is it fulfilling?
⋗Maybe you always dreamed of a certain lifestyle, but growing up, you chose the secure path & almost forgot about your big dreams?
⋗Maybe you are creative & talented, but nobody ever encouraged you to follow your creative passions, so you settled for the office job?

"The creative soul is always calling for more. Never quiet. Never satisfied."

This voice is simply trying to help you remember your true nature & even if admitting you have lived a life far away from your dreams & your passions feels painful at first, it is always worth to listen closely!

Often, we regret our decisions from the past. Regret doesn't get us anywhere but in a negative cycle. We have to trust, that we always make the right decision, based on what we know & what we feel in that particular moment.

How does this sound to you? Doesn't it sound like the perfect reason to never regret any decision, or yourself, again?

Instead, I suggest a different approach: Start to treat your own life as the valuable masterpiece it already is, it always has been. The concept might have to be reviewed again, the chosen fabrics exchanged, but the final design, your creative dream life, was always there.

With my support & guidance over 4 months, you are not alone on your journey to re-design your life into a creative, fulfilling dream!

My 4 month mentoring program is for you, if you seek support & guidance to uncover your true nature & gain the strength to re-design your life from scratch.

This 4-part framework is exactly what helped me re-design my life completely, follow my creative passions & even create my dream business.

How does it work?

First of all, I don’t believe in fast-cures, which is why I focus on one topic each month. I know to be true, that especially when it comes to uncovering your creative calling, it takes time. Focusing on one part of the framework one step at a time, gives you time & space to think instead of rush towards your goal. I’ve experienced fast-paced programs myself & once the momentum faded, the doubts came up.

My approach offers plenty of time for ideas & adjustments when it comes to find your true creative calling & remember your true nature and it also prevents you from loosing momentum, as you will have a detailed plan with doable steps to follow after our time together.

The details

⋗8 calls via Zoom  – bi-weekly

⋗Tailor-made workbooks with a bespoke mix of tools & exercises

⋗Email & Voxer access during 4 months

I work with exercises & tools from NLP, EFT & life, business & solution-focused mentoring tools.

month 1 uncovering

During this first month, we will focus on uncovering your creative calling & dream. With tools & exercises, I will take you on a little time travel journey to help you remember your true nature. In this month, you will get crystal clear on what it is, that makes your eyes sparkle & what you need to focus on to design a fulfilling life. Is it an old creative passion, or a new creative idea you have? Or maybe it is a completely new lifestyle?

month 2 empowering

After we have unraveled your creative calling, the next important foundational step is to believe you have what it takes to follow your calling & make your wildest dreams come true. There is a reason, why we settle for less, why we choose the safe path instead of being brave & chasing our creative passions & dreams - the reason is called limiting beliefs. In this month, we will mainly work through your limiting beliefs, so you feel empowered to re-design your life based on your creative passion & true nature.

month 3 designing

The foundation is set! During the third month we will focus on your new, re-designed life concept. Because following your creative passion, or re-designing your life, also means, making adjustments. First, we will look at your life holistically - from your private life to your professional life. You will uncover the parts, which have to be changed or tweaked, in order to design this new, fulfilling life.

month 4 implementing

In the third month, we paved the way to implement your creative passion or dream lifestyle into your new re-designed reality. During our last month together, we will create a holistic plan with single, non-overwhelming steps to implement your new concept into your daily life. Depending on your creative dream, it might be a longterm plan, or maybe you can start living true to your nature immediately. At the end, you will know exactly what you want, what you have to change in order to pursue your creative dream & you will have the courage to follow through the steps to design your new reality!

your investment

You can pay upfront & in full or ask me for payment options!

€3.580 // $4.000


And so the journey begins...

The Experience


Lars K.

Navina is a great inspiration and helped me achieve my goals. I was stuck in a depressing job/ life situation with no clue what to do with my life. Now I am on my way to become an IT-professional. I feel like I can finally participate from my creativity and skills. She helped me get new insights on life and that opened up new perspectives.
Not only job-related, but for my private-life also.
Thank you

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The Experience


Vihanga B.

I've been struggling to break negative patterns I carried with me for quite a while and Navina came as an angel to help me understand that it was my perception and not my reality nor my pattern and I'm so happy I have been able to get past it. Besides, she has shown me the way how to develop new positive patterns.

She´s been my guide on the path to understanding myself better & my belief systems and she has taught me how easy it is to heal in a holistic way by approaching day to day activities with the EFT approach.

Last but not the least Navina helped me to understand and reaffirm my life's purpose and made me realise I am heading in the right direction.

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The Experience


Lena T.

When I first booked a call with Navina, I had no idea where I was going in my life.
I had little clarity, but also no idea how to find out, what it is, that I expect from my life.

In just 60 minutes, she helped me recognize limiting beliefs and gain clarity around what I wanted.

After the call I decided to book her 3-month coaching right away.

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The Experience


Eveline H.

Thank you, Navina, for giving me so much clarity around my new business and how I can implement my passions into it.

Her ability to ask the right, uncomfortable questions helped me realize where I and my limiting beliefs stand in my own way. 

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The Experience


Alexandra Brück, Alexandra Brück Marketing

Navina guided me through a very intensive phase of my startup time. I always felt like I have to change something in my professional life and finally wanted to venture into (partial) independence.
The first step is often the heaviest and I was very lucky to have Navina right at my side. Her coaching showed me completely new paths that I would not have thought of in this form before.
She helped me organize myself and my thoughts and with every coaching session my path & goals became clearer. I am very grateful that our paths crossed at just the right time.

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