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If you are looking for an intensive full-day session to improve your brand story and overall verbal design with the goal to tell better stories, persuade your audience and make more sales, look no further!


I love stories and literature. My approach goes way beyond the newest copy & content trends, it goes back to the theory of applied linguistics and semiology. Roland Barthes is my idol when it comes to creating verbal designs that stick with your audience. Especially his work "The Fashion System" has shaped my work and the framework I created.


created by Navina Baur

Your Business

The first part of my framework focuses on your business foundation. We will talk about your current services and products, your audience and your current client base. Here, we define the foundation for our verbal design and storytelling work.

Your Vision

In the next step, we leave the foundations behind for a bit and talk about your why, your visions and maybe even your mission.
Here, we want to gain clarity around what got you into business at first and why you created your offers. We can call it the backstory.

Your Concept

At last, we will create a concept for your newly designed or re-designed brand. The concept includes your new brand story, brand voice and archetype and based on that, your verbal design concept. So you have a strong plan for your copy, content and overall messaging.

Your Strong Brand

the outcome of my framework

My 3-part verbal re-design framework, which is based on the theory of linguistics and semiology, is the foundation of my work.
This framework is designed to help you design or re-design a strong brand through an unforgettable verbal design, storytelling & experience for your clients!

Similarly to "The Fashion System" of Roland Barthes, my framework starts with the plain & raw service or product you offer. We then add your backstory, vision & mission to it and also a verbal design concept, think brand voice, storytelling & messaging, to create an unforgettable, strong and persuasive brand.


We will meet online via Zoom and start our day experience with a 30 minute coffee chat to get to know each other and get comfortable.

After that, we can have a little break and kick off our working day. The full-day experience includes 6 hours with me with enough breaks in between.

We will have 45-60 minute sessions in which we dive deep into your business, your backstory and your concept, to design a wonderfully aligned and strong brand.

How do we do this? First, the framework I created is a perfect foundation, but we will really get into detail and to the root of your why and your vision with exercises, coaching techniques, some mindset journaling & of course, I will teach you how to use linguistics and semiology for your verbal design.

In the end, the brainstorming and creative part starts. I will help you create an action plan to share your message consistently on every platform – because consistency is key! You will also receive a strong brand story and your brand voice based on the archetypes by Carl Gustav Jung – never heard of him, don’t worry, I will explain his system in detail!

You will walk away with a new and overall verbal design, scripts for your communication, think emails or phone calls, a detailed concept on your brand voice, so writing your copy is fun and easy from now on and also a content plan – so you always know what to say and post on social media.

Of course, all designed to support your brand, message & big vision!


The verbal re-designing concept is a full-day online experience!

€1.100 // $1.250


And so the journey begins...