Uncovering the myth of creativity & how to find your own

7. December 2020

In spring, when we all faced the new and unfamiliar situation of lockdown, creativity reached a new peak. We started to try out new recipes, new creative hobbies like painting, writing, music or photography. Some just started from scratch, others used the time to improve their talents. But we all shared our creations on social media. Especially Instagram is such a wonderful inspiring platform – most days I enjoy exploring new accounts, but some days, it stresses me out.

Now, I consider myself a creative person. I’m a passionate writer, constantly spinning new stories, I love playing the violin and I even tried painting during lockdown – not one of my talents. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the process, I was proud of a few paintings and I shared them.

I also love to explore new fields such as experimenting with photography, drying flowers and even designing products – I never seem to run out of ideas. 

But one day, I heard the quiet sound of my phone, indicating I received a message. It was the message of a friend feeling like a complete failure seeing everyone turning into creative or even inventive human beings – and she just couldn’t think of anything she is good at, or she is even passionate about.

It got me thinking about creativity and the myth we created around it.

The image of creativity and why it is important to change it

The image, or myth, we have created around creativity makes it seem, like it is limited to the fine arts. Music, writing, painting, photography and design. And obviously, we are not all artists or even interested in arts, and if you are not passionate about arts, you are still perfectly fine and you can still be a creative person! 

Human beings, by nature, are fertile, productive and inventive and thereby – creative.

But by supporting the myth of creativity, of making it look like it is limited to certain fields, people who do not have artistic talents or passions, might feel discouraged to even look for a creative outlet – and how often have I heard people tell me: “You know what, I’m just not creative!”

It upsets me every time I hear it, but when my friend even started to feel like a failure among all the creatives online, I decided it is time to dig deeper on the topic and then write about it.

What is creativity?

By definition, creativity is the inventive, productive power all human beings possess. It simply shows itself in many different facettes. 

There are the obvious creative people like writers, musicians, artists, designers. And then, there are all the other creatives like cooks, gardeners, event planners, retreat creators, travel designers… and much more.

Having a talent and passion for cooking, gardening, organizing and even planning makes you a creative person. And if you still say: “But I don’t like any of these either!” Then, my love, you might have not uncovered your creative passion yet, but it is within you!

Now, how do you uncover your own creative passion?

First of all, let`s speak about the difference between passion and talent – you can be passionate about something, but not very talented. When I started to paint, I knew I am not talented, but I was passionate about it – even though it was just for a short while. You are allowed to explore everything and stick with a passion, even though you’re not talented – there is only one rule: You have to enjoy what you’re doing, it is supposed to light you up and not stress you out.

On the other hand, you might uncover a hidden talent, but you’re not passionate about it – you are allowed to let go of it!

Once you found the sweet spot, the symbiosis of passion and talent, I promise, you will never want to let go of it ever again. 

How to find your own creativity – a few steps to follow:

  • Think about what you loved doing as a child. Maybe painting, or helping your Mom in the garden? Start with that. Paint, buy some plants, and see if you still enjoy it.
  • Go on walks in nature. Being in nature helps you ground yourself and really open up to your thoughts – the peaceful environment helps you fully focus on yourself without any distraction. 
  • Meditate. Diving deep into your subconscious and being honest to yourself about what you truly want in life, might also give you the answer to your creative passion.
  • Just do it. If you have a feeling, that writing could be your thing, start with it. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and start writing – you will feel if this is truly your passion, or if only the image of being a writer made you believe that was your passion.
  • Open yourself to all the creative possibilities. Maybe you’re already the one in your group of friends, who is always in charge of organizing parties or vacations? And you enjoy it? And people love your work? Then, you already found your creative talent and passion, but you never knew it counted as “creative”.

The possibilities of “being creative” are endless. And they have to be, because human potential is so diverse and we all own a sense of creativity – however it looks like for you!