What to do during (self) quarantine – for introverts & extroverts

15. March 2020

If you didn’t know, I’m living on the beautiful island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea & we are facing a lockdown for two weeks. But whether you have to stay at home, or you freely decided to not put yourself or others at risk, being in quarantine gives many of us a weird feeling.

There is the feeling of uncertainty, not knowing how the situation unfolds and when this will all be over. And more importantly, what to do until everything goes back to normal!

As an introvert & online business owner, I am luckily not too affected by the lockdown so far. I can do my work as usual and I am not too worried about not meeting people for two weeks & just be with myself. However, I do understand, there are people, who need social interactions and who simply don’t know what to do with their time whilst staying at home.

This is why I am sitting on my bed this Sunday morning and writing this spontaneous article.

Tips & Tricks for your (self) quarantine

Now, that we have less distractions in our lives, it is the perfect time to go inwards and focus on ourselves. It might be hard at first, but once you have experienced how fulfilling it can be to simply sit with your thoughts, play with ideas, dream & explore your true self, you wouldn’t wanna miss it.

What you can do, to use your newly won self care time wisely & not go insane, of you’re more extroverted:

  • Meditation: Whether you feel anxiety rising up inside of you & slowly taking overhand, try to sit down comfortably, place your handy on your womb or heart and start breathing slowly. Be present in this moment, focus on being in your body & leaving your head, the circling thoughts. What is true for you right now? What do you feel? What is it, that you are scared of & is this already the reality or a possible future scenario? We fear the unknown, but forget what is real now.
  • Yoga/Stretching: Let’s not forget to move our bodies a little bit! I like to do an easy yoga sequence or some stretching in between work sessions. Not moving my body gives me back pain, so I’m trying to stretch as much as I can. A workout on the mat is also a great idea!
  • Read that book: Always wanted to start that novel, but never found the time in between work & social interactions? Now is the time to start reading! If you need some book inspo – click here!
  • Get creative: Some of us always had a creative side hidden under all the daily tasks & stressful jobs. Why not start exploring your creativity a bit more? Maybe you always wanted to write that book or screenplay, or paint I just started to paint with watercolors and I didn’t have high expectations, but it was fun & I loved the outcome. Now I found anther wonderful way to unplug & be creative on top of writing & playing the violin. Want me to get creative for you? Click here!
  • Start that online business: Yes, it is also a good time to map out your business idea. You might have been thinking about it before, but yet again – you had no time to fully dive into it! Write a business plan, map out your ideas for a unique & soul-led online business and maybe even choose a mentor or coach. You have enough time to brainstorm ideas, create a detailed business plan and, in case you feel you need it, look for the perfect mentor to help you get started now! Feeling like I could be a good fit? As a Women’s Empowerment Coach, I mainly focus on inner work, but that doesn’t exclude business mentoring – a combination of both is the best mix anyway – female & masculine energy combined pave the way for a smooth start!
  • Skype with friends: Are you a traveler and haven’t talked to your family & friends at home for a while? Because, time…. Or maybe you really need your social contacts? Then, my love, you can grab your phone or laptop and hop on that Skype call. You can even have dinner & drinks with your friends, a coffee chat and share some good laughs. And why limit it to friends? You could even go on a virtual date!
  • Fill up your empty cup: This tip is for all of my introverted people out there! The pace of modern life can take its toll on us. Whether you work from home or in an office, we are constantly communicating with people and it is hard to find peace & calm in this noisy world. You want to cancel so often, but feel guilty? So you go to that party, join that after-work meetup or movie night – honestly, who wants to watch a movie with people, when you could just cuddle up at home and watch it by yourself 😉 Now is the time to stay in without any guilt, do what you love & fully unplug for a while. I promise, you’ll be full of new energy you can put into your projects!
  • Or just grab a glass of wine, lean back & relax!

Let me know what you’re doing during your (self) quarantine. Take a photo, put it into your stories and tag me @navinabaur !!!

Love & Courage.