My second night in Rome, the beautiful eternal city, my friend and I went out for pasta and pizza!
After the main dish, my friend ordered Tiramisu. I wanted to skip the dessert, as I normally did!
Not because I didn´t like it, but I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my body and enjoying food had been a real struggle – I loved it and hated it!

The waiter, who was an absolute incredible entertainer the whole evening, came back with the huge piece of Tiramisu – and two spoons, of course! I just ignored the spoon and my friend started eating.

Our dear waiter saw I wasn’t eating and asked: “Why don’t you eat? Our Tiramisu is delicious!” For some reason, I replied in all honesty, I want to loose some weight. He looked at me, super confused, and said: “So you know what my nonna taught me – Things are only hard when you believe they were supposed to be another way.

A bit befuddled, I just sat there, not knowing what to do with that newly found wisdom.

In the next moment, he grabbed my spoon, dipped it into the Tiramisu and spoon-fed me… He was right, it was divine!!!!

He smiled and went back to work again.

While I am a huge believer in taking action every day to enact positive changes in our lives, I have also begun to understand that sometimes, acceptance may be the best course of action.

This encounter was life-changing for me, as I stopped believing I had to look a certain way, have a certain weight to be completely happy. My body is the way it is – as long as I take good care of it and stay healthy, there is no reason to have feelings of guilt when enjoying food.

Life only feels difficult or unfair when you believe you should have been dealt a different set of cards. Change that belief… and you change your reality.

Nonnas words accompany me ever since and helped me in many different ways – also with my business!

Don´t compare yourself to others – but go with the flow, accept your situation and improve in a healthy way!

Ironically, change begins when acceptance happens.